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CHP...? Jewelry


Het maakproces van de armband 'Circle in Circle' naar het ontwerp van Gijs Bakker

Het maakproces van het collier 'Little Mat" naar het ontwerp van Dinie Besems


All chp…? products are made with the utmost care, mostly by hand, by jewelry maker and technical brain Jan Matthesius. He is a skilled gold- and silversmith and for many years has been a part-time teacher at the Polytechnical College, Schoonhoven (NL). Jan is responsible for design development, including the search for the latest materials, clever technical solutions and innovative techniques. Each piece is finished by hand to assure a high quality standard.

The chp…? board consists of Gijs Bakker, Arthur van Schendel and Liesbeth den Besten, whilst Aad Boon, Alba Cappellieri and George M. Beylerian are the company’s consultants on strategy, development and commercial matters. Pauline Barendse joins our think-tank whenever new collections are being made.

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